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With their tacit understanding from long term combat training, combined with the spiritual resonance of the Atlanteans, no words were required. They reacted in an instant.


The humans had been researching, and the Mayans were not stupid. During high-end combat, Ability X was the only thing that could kill the Mayans. If they did not prepare, it would be stupidity. But the humans did not know which methods the Mayans would use.


At the same time, in the control room, Major General Marshall had ordered that a second energy shield wall be activated, forming a second layer of protection for the arena. This was the first time that an energy shield wall was up even before the two fighters had even made their next move. He was not an uninformed person. Based on the battle power of those two, it would be too late to prepare for any defence once the powers were leaked.


Jay York, who used to follow Meng Tian and the rest, was standing in the centre of the crowd. As an Earth-rank warrior, he had no lack of followers surrounding him.


Laughter could be heard around the arena. Some words, when spoken by someone else, would bring discontentment. However, this was Jondi Lilick, the super genius of Manalasuo.


The laser sword of the Holy Light Pioneer was drawn from its sheath and struck towards Luo Fei. In an instant, the two mecha were battling against each other, going back and forth. Eve Litt had been training.

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The golden Fighting Spirit surrounded Wang Zhengs Hercules and attacked frantically. Every attack created cracks in the energy ripples. The Hercules was in total defence mode. However, Wang Zheng could not retreat. If he did, he would leave an opening, and that would mean certain death!


Of course, to be able to achieve this, they had to possess the power to surpass.


The distance between the two mecha was just over ten meters now. Eve Litt decisively gave up the lasers.


“That’s true, actually. How big of a courage would it take to do as such?”


Those who did not understand the three-dimensional tactics would never be able to understand the subtleties.


“Zhang Shan, sorry. I’m a member of the Dynasty battle team. I am now, and forever will be,” Luo Fei said.


Kashawen had personally arrived at the arena to watch the battle. The Prime Minister, who had always seemed as if she had given up on SIG, had finally showed her face. She completely disregarded Wang Zheng. It seemed like the “declaration of war” before the qualifying battle had been nothing much.



It was all nonsense. He had seen too many of such trash that did not know their own strength. But it was exactly because such trash existed that could he become who he was.



The Overlord held onto the spear, still walking towards Di Maria one step at a time. Di Maria knew that he could not be carried away by the opponent’s flow. Hence, he took the lead to launch the offense. Since the opponent was not affected by this tactic, he would need to be more flexible to find an opportunity.


If he had been kicked by the Conqueror’s leg, it would have definitely been serious. However, the Hercules seemed to have predicted it and conveniently turned his body, sending over a roundhouse kick.


Zhang Shan’s physical skills had improved by leaps and bounds, but he did not have much confidence here. The bloodthirst emanating from Arbiter and Aslan’s teams was just too dangerous.

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