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The match had begun. Qian Yunzhuo piloted the Knight of Holy Light out to the field. When the cameras were panned towards him, it was as if he had felt it and began waving to the crowd.


“It is not just the Soulless battle team, the Sword Shield Rose battle team as well. Actually, it was just a vying game between Aslan and Arbiter from the start.”


Zhang Shan was also inebriate. Luo Fei was actually so aggressive; what would he have to be scared of? Just a noob like Lear, just beat him to death!


Such a level was too low. Perhaps these people were excellent with mecha, but their close combat level was too average. They must have trained in martial arts before, and their bodies were strong, but could not hold a candle to those who actually used it.


Fight? When he felt his opponents strength after a few rounds of battle, Lear had indeed given up on putting up a fight. Why would he want to fight with his life for a battle that he was bound to lose? This was only a battle.


Impossible. Although Wang Zheng’s body was strong, he did not have the muscle to do it. More accurately, his muscles were not sufficiently developed to do such refined defenses. For example, Wang Zheng’s attack just now had been repelled by thick muscles.

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The emotions of the audience in the arena had been controlled by this battle. The Arbiters who had focused all their hearts and minds on Aragorn had, for the first time, lost faith. They were praying. Praying


However, the expressions of the members of the Saruman Snake battle team were very solemn. The time had finally arrived. All hope hinged on Achilles battle. In all honesty, if he were defeated, Saruman Snake would most certainly have to pack up and go home. It was not impossible to try defeating Wang Zheng, but even if he were to sacrifice his life, Saruman Snake would still be halted at the semi-finals. It would be impossible for him to win everything on his own. He needed his brothers in combat now!


Jondi Lilick… was able to catch her aunt’s attention. This person had to be one of the best, comparable to Aragorn and Dina Atlas. Abilities were invincible, but many a time, luck played an important role as well


This Military Official School captain was filled with killing power. Even if he ended up in military court, he could not let Wang Zheng live. Such a small fry had best cease thinking about loving Her Highness Aina!


Mu Zhen thought differently from the rest. This was not a game. To the Tita people, any battle was a war, and there had to be a winner and loser, life and death. He had entered this island B survival, and he would triumph or die. He would not lose face for Ada.


Streams of light filled with killing intent from the sword passed through whilst the Overlord just moved slightly to let it pass.


The members of the Iron and Steel battle team were dumbfounded. Their captain, their greatest hope, had lost to a member of the Sea Queen.



All the players had arrived at the arena. Aslan was very efficient and methodical. The ability to respond to unexpected situations could fully demonstrate the strength of a country, especially the soft power. Aslan did not take the mechanical path like Arbiter. However, discipline efficiency was achieved through quality training.



In the air, dozens of helicopters were patrolling, and at the same time, planes continuously flew past them. There were simply too many people. For them, this was a festival.


When the battle began, there was no imposing confrontation. Aragon steered his Overlord directly at Di Maria. Di Maria was a little taken aback. Who the hell did this guy think he was?


It seemed like this evaluation did not affect the result. If Student Wang were eliminated here, it would be a joke.

  • Snow Li emerged. At this moment, this ice goddess’s pretty face was blushing red, beautiful to the point that people did not dare to look directly.
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