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To a certain degree, it was her selfishness. Of course, Aina was a better choice to be the queen, inheriting the legacy of Aslan. Similarly, as the current heir, she had lost a great deal. She wanted Huiyin to have the freedom to live the way she liked.


Maybe he would not even be needed. Aragorn, the Atlanteans, and a few others lurking would all be waiting. People did not remember the methods, only the results. After all, it was human nature to forget, and only the result was important.


Perhaps the Zergs would not discover it immediately, but their propensity for learning and discovery were definitely capable of finding this flaw. With their multiple attack patterns, they would evolve to have similar attacks without much difficulty.


Bolet was not surprised at all. It was a necessary choice whilst confronting a little monster like Wang Zheng. Of course, this new mech would require a fierce and commanding battle in order to reveal its true supremacy, and this was the perfect battle.


There was no excuse for Lie Xin’s loss. The opponents’ new battle tactic was a total surprise, and they had a good gasp of Lie Xin. However, after this round of battle, Lie Xin would have gained some understanding of the opponent as well.


A mature and steady warrior had to possess a good mentality. Although being chased by Wang Zheng, Dina Atlas mentality was still very calm.

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Jiang Feng also did not know what tricks this boy was up to. Wang Zheng was clearly not a prankster. He must have met with something, and then used the opportunity to better himself.


Tang Zhen was very skillful in his physical technique and wood element Ability X. Even then, it took quite some effort before he eventually took the victory. But this result was expected as it was, after all, a captain-level fighter.


In the adjacent room, three people were laughing loudly. “Oh no, our Dong Er has come to puberty,” Ouyang Ruoliu said.


The two mecha moved slowly towards the centre of the arena. The entire arena quietened down suddenly. A stagnated breath slowly proliferated. Maybe it was the expressions of the warriors, or maybe because they felt the importance of this battle. Si Jiali could not help but hold her breath too. From deep within, for some unknown reason, she hoped that Saruman Snake could create a miracle.


Bolet also did not know where that power had come from. “Finger strength is concentrated, but also frail. How could a body like Mars’ not block it? These two wouldn’t be putting on a show, would they?”


The first half of the battles ended and the next round started, and this upcoming battle would be the top four battles’ most influential – Saruman Snake battle team against the Soulless battle team.


Ai Xiaolu gazed at Snow Li. She did not know what had happened, but she could guess it. Snow’s personality had not been very courageous because her inner self was not touched on.



Bolet was silent for a while. “According to the current data, Saruman Snake has three Earth-rank warriors. Wang Zheng is a little more mature and possesses Earth-rank two power. The other two are level one. It is somewhat a pity that Snow Li is a sniper. The current team battle arena does not give a sniper the opportunity to perform. In a battle between Earth-rank warriors, non-Earth-rank warriors basically have no opportunity to perform.”



Wang Zheng, does Achilles have any confidence? Damn. If he can take care of this guy, then we will have the advantage! said Zhang Shan.


Although Luo Er was the daughter of a rather high-ranking chancellor, circumstances had changed. This was why Luo Er could not be compared to Aina. Bloodlines could not be changed, but chancellorship in the Milky Way Alliance would. Recently, there had been unrest in the council in the Milky Way Alliance. Both Aslan and Arbiter were supporting their own people in the running for the chancellorship of the Milky Way Alliance. This was because Ryans administration had not made a big difference in the situation for the Milky Way Alliance. Moreover, his support for the development of the under-developed federal government had also received great backlash. Now he was in a precarious state.


The Rune Sword burst into a red light instantly. It did not attract any flame, but rather originated purely from the five elements themselves!

  • Bolet also frowned. Manalasuo did not value the ancient martial arts, believing that they were inefficient. However, ever since the start of the SIG, it appeared that there was a surge in the ancient martial arts. This was indeed Jondi Lilick’s weakness. Under normal circumstances, with enough military tactics and superior Ability X, it was enough to gain a victory. However, when confronted with a monster like Wang Zheng, it was definitely insufficient.
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